Finished reading: Achtung Steinschlag! by Christian Köberl 📚

A book about meteorites. Interesting, but short. 💫 Makes me want to visit the Nördlinger Ries impact crater nearby.

Useless thinking

Most thoughts are pointless. In the past, I thought, that I think my thoughts. But this is obviously untrue. Can you really stop thinking? Do you really have control over your thoughts? Or do thoughts just come and go, and you jump to the conclusion, that you are the thinker. Is the feeling of being the thinker just a function of the brain? If this sounds crazy to you, try out a 10-minute meditation and focus on your breath (try not to think).

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Finished reading: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson 📚

What a lovely book! Great Sci-Fi with a lot of battles and a nice plot. 🚀

Finished reading: Die Selbstgerechten by Sahra Wagenknecht 📚

Mrs. Wagenknecht raises some good points in the first part of the book - but I am going to stop reading the book at 50%. It is kind of boring and long and she does not really get to the point. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Fagradalsfjall, Iceland

Finished reading: Singularity by Joshua Tree 📚

Finished reading: Tod und Teufel by Frank Schätzing 📚