Changing your life — there's an app for that

I try to get rid of bad habits and to introduce beneficial behaviors. On a stressful day, however, it’s hard to stick to all my resolutions. 2 months ago I have found a solution that works really well for me: Lift.

The basic idea

You start by feeding all your good resolutions into Lift. Every day you check off all the one’s that you achieved. This makes it very transparent, what you did and help’s you to not forget your commitments to yourself.


Lift has the concepts of streaks. If I did something for 5 days, for example, this is a 5-day streak. For me, this works great. I would not think about breaking my 66 day Lumosity streak for example.


On Lift, you get support (“props”) from other people. There are some pretty remarkable guys on Lift, that get a ton of stuff done every day. This got even better when my colleagues joined in. It’s amazing to work on habits together and receive positive energy all the time. My colleagues and I also founded a group to work on some habits together.


Lift is the most important app in my life. It helps me to transform myself. I have over 30 commitments to myself in Lift. Common wisdom says that this is totally bananas. The amazing thing, however, is that, on a normal day, I finish most of them. I am really grateful for this app. I think you should give it a try as well. If you like Lift — and I am sure you will — become my friend!