A tale of 3 electric kettles

I drink a lot of tea and coffee daily and after a few months of heavy use my first electric kettle stopped working.

One has to have an electric kettle. It’s so energy-efficient and fast. - right? So I bought my second electric kettle.

This time it could heat water one cup at a time - it also could produce water at the exact right temperature for green tea. At least - until it’s cables started smelling and we got really worried that it might start to burn.

When we took a look inside it indeed looked like it got too hot.

The third electric kettle was an expensive one as well - simpler this time. Made to last. Until it broke as well.

You know what my fourth electric kettle was? — No electric kettle at all.

I bought a whistling kettle - and I am happy with it for years now. I am quite sure that it will last for decades.

But if it will break - I have resolved to not replace it. After all - I am not too stupid to boil water on my own. No one is. A pot works just fine.

Why am I telling you this tale? Well because I learned something.

I do not need a special product for boiling water. I do not need a special product for boiling eggs. I do not need a special spoon to eat my ice cream. No extra china for guests. And hell: I do not need a device that cuts my cucumbers into tasty spirals.

These products waste space, money, resources for no added happiness. They are the worst kind of trash. My thinking was flawed, when I tried to replace them.

Wait. I think the kettle whistles. Hold that thought - I’ll be right back.