“The day you teach the child the name of the bird, the child will never see that bird again” – Krishnamurti

For a young child the world is a fantastic mystery.

Until it learns everything about problems. Until it learns problem solving. Until it categorizes and divides. Until there are words.

Until it learns who it is supposed to be. How it all works.

Until everything is a mere symbol in its head.

Until it stops looking at the world with fresh eyes.

Until all the wonder is hidden under a pile of thoughts.

Until it takes itself for all its problems.

Until it asks itself, what is missing, when nothing is missing.

Until it takes the symbols for what is. Until it is obsessed with problems and does not stop thinking.

It has that nagging feeling that it can not solve the problem of life. It really makes not that much sense if it thinks about it.

Until live is something really threatening that must be resisted. Because life doesn't work how it thought. The master plan failed.

When you are this child: Open your eyes again and really look.

The fantastic mystery was never lost. It can never be lost. It is just this.

You are just life. Life lives you. Relax.

Don't waste your life on problems. Don't waste it on words. Be a part of it. Enjoy the big mystery.

And if you see me doing something else: smile and wake me up.