Active Projects

Here are some of the project that I worked on.


My most important project is me.

I do believe that before you try to change others, you have to start with yourself. You have to make your dreams come true — it’s not the responsibility of your boss or your organisation.

Active Projects

ARRI Webgate

ARRI Webgate

ARRI Webgate allows Video Producers to upload videos and videos and files and keep them organized.



The Lunch-O-Mat connects colleagues over lunches. It is one of my current projects.

Discontinued Projects

Risikolebensversicherung / Check24


I improved the “Risikolebensversicherungsvergleich” for Check24.

Helping the homebrew-cask project

Homebrew cask

Image Source: Flickr/megoizzy (CC BY-SA 2.0)

I love homebrew cask. It solves a problem that I had for years - it installs Mac Apps from the command line.

I contribute casks all the time ;). My contributions are really small — but still: I hope I make it a better tool.

Gutefrage IT Drinkup

IT Drinkup

I organise our IT drinkups at Gutefrage. I invite amazing talkers, order food and listen to our amazing external guests.

I get a buzz from the atmosphere. If you want meet me on the next one !



OpenHack is a meetup with a simple purpose: Code together, on anything.

OpenHack works by hosting a meetup in your city that gets programmers of
any experience level together to code.

I am quite excited about this idea. So that’s why I decided to organize
an Openhack in Munich.



GitShots is a very simple project. I take a foto of
me, every time I commit something into GIT.

I publish the fotos to a website. Why? I have no idea! +

Currently I work on and

Both plattforms are written in Rails and consist of a few more Rails
projects for the backend as well.

It’s amazing to work with Rails.



NabPHP was a PHP wrapper for the NabazTag API.
Unfortunately the API does not work any more and my poor little Rabbit
is dead. is written in Symfony (PHP). I worked in the Gutefrage scrum team for around one year, then I decided to switch to Rails.

I started my professional career 2008 at YiGG. YiGG is a german plattform for social news. I helped rewriting the plattform in PHP 5 + Symfony.

I also wrote stuff like the Worldspy (scans RSS feeds + Twitter for the best news) and our thumbnail generator in PhantomJS. It was quite a nice time and I learned a ton.

Appstar is an award for the best iDevice apps in germany. On the website you can vote for the best apps. The website keeps the informations of the Apps up to date using the broken Apple AppStore API. Its written in Symfony +



I also programmed a few microsites.. They used Symfony’s scaffolding..



ZWeather is the frontend for our weather station here it home. Its a
very basic Rails project and uses RRD-Tool.



A tank, controlled by an Arduino + Nunchuck.



A simple application to remember what to do and what you did. In the terminal, clutter free and completly unspectacular.