Basics: Pay yourself first

Here is a simple technique for saving, that you could start with your next paycheck.

Pay yourself first. Whenever you receive money, put a few Euros onto a separate bank account.

If you feel adventourus, you can automate it.

Practice not touching the money, unless you are in real trouble.

When you save a big chunk, you will likely feel a little broke at the end of the month. Thats ok - it will push you towards spending your money more effective.

Its hard to pull this off - and if you cant do it, you might need a budget - i do.

Try to save an emergency fund - 6 months worth of expenses before even thinking about investing money for your retirement - without building your saving skills and a buffer you are likely to fail.

More about why you need an emergency fund (I have some examples where it saved my ass) and how you might want to invest in later articles.