I am collecting quite a lot of data on a continual basis:

  • Blood pressure
  • Steps
  • Weight
  • Tracked habits
  • GitHub commits
  • Follower counts
  • RSVP's for the events we host at Gutefrage.net

That's why I decided to visualize it on a personal dashboard. This weekend, I invested a few hours and came up with this:

I created a GeckoBoard, because that's what we use at the Helpster Team at Gutefrage.

All the widgets including Meetup.com, Twitter and FitBit are available on GeckoBoard already. The only widget that I had to populate myself was the Lift.do indicator.


Is the GeckoBoard worth 19$'s a month? I don't know.

Probably I will switch to something like Panic's Statusboard - but this requires a little more effort — I am not sure to invest this time until I know that a personal dashboard makes a difference.

Did you guy's try something similar? Then please tell me in the comments below.