Multiple use

Today many products have only one use. Waffle irons, rice cookers, fondue sets, popcorn makers, toasters..

While many of these appliances are quite good at what they do - I do not use them on a regular basis. They are wasteful.

I life in a small flat and I do not want to waste money - so I love to have only a few items with multiple use.

They are essentials, versatile. You find many of them in every household. They are so common, that they are oftem overlooked.

Just e few examples:

Knife: letter opener, vegetable slicer, garlic press, weapon, fruit peeler
A big pot: rice cooker, water cooker, store food, fryer, fondue, popcorn machine
Paper: transports messages, packaging, insulation, for art, fire starter
Vinegar: ingredient, insect catcher, descaler, cleaner
Duct tape: Remember MacGyver?

Using items for different things requires you to learn small new skills - often these skills are learned faster than it would take to order a specialized appliance.

You are rewarded with a new skill, more money, more fun and more space in your life.

Before buying something new, I try to think about the stuff I own. Lots of stuff. With many, many uses.

Can I use these water bottles as weights? Aren’t these books a nice stand for my notebook? Why not use this egg-carton to grow plants? This used box - great for my socks. Beat that IKEA.