Jack of all trades

Today our society tends to move more and more towards specialization. You can buy everything prefabricared and you are supposed to hyperspecialize in your job.

When it comes to your life, you should really consider if this makes sense for you.

Here are some examples, what we do on our own. Many examples are mundane - but that is just fine considering that many people can not boil an egg, without a special appliance.

We are our own chefs

Every morning we stand in our kitchen and prepare a meal tailoned exactly to our taste. Additionaly we have complete controll over all the ingredients - which is great since we both are on a special diet.

Its cheaper and healthier than to buy a meal every day - and best of all cooking is a skill and we are getting better and better.

We are barbers

Jupp. It probably doesnt look great, but this saves money and is relatively simple to learn.

For the ladies this is probably a bigger challenge - but it should save you gals even more money.

We are our own farmers

We have a little garden and are starting to grow our own food. I wont argue that this is cheaper in every case - it isnt - but its great to do it.

We build our own furniture

Some of our own furniture is hand-made. You really don’t have to buy every piece of furniture. It’s awesome to have some pieces custom made by you.

We repair our devices

If a device is broken, we try to fix it. Sometimes this is beyound us - but often it works.

What has this to do with retirement?

My point is - you don’t have to buy everything. Use your money and save money to build the skills you want. You don’t have to be perfect.

This is very rewarding right now.

As a retitree you will probably be very happy to be into knitting and soldering.