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Finished reading: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson 📚

What a lovely book! Great Sci-Fi with a lot of battles and a nice plot. 🚀

Finished reading: Die Selbstgerechten by Sahra Wagenknecht 📚

Mrs. Wagenknecht raises some good points in the first part of the book - but I am going to stop reading the book at 50%. It is kind of boring and long and she does not really get to the point. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Finished reading: Beatlebone by Kevin Barry 📚

I liked the book. It is about John Lennon, who wants to go to a small island in Ireland and scream. Very poetic.

Currently reading: Beatlebone by Kevin Barry 📚

The staff in the library recommend books by putting them on display in the bookshelves. I love to pick those recomended books up and be suprised.

Finished listening to: Das Kind in mir will achtsam morden by Karsten Dusse 📚

This was way worse than the first part of the “murder mindfully” series. A quite bizarre and unbelievable plot - which I like, but too much bashing of progressive world views. I mean I can laugh about some of the absurdities of wanting to fighting against climate change and living a hipster lifestyle. I can also laugh about mindfullness as a tool for success and even murder. After all I am a mindfull hipster. But it’s not enough to make up for the rest of the book.😮‍💨 Hope the next book is more entertaining.

Finished reading: Der Stempelmörder by Torsten Schönberg 📚

A typical regional crime thriller. It’s about German economic refugees in Vienna, many corpses. The book has a rather flat sense of humor. Not a special book and completely unrealistic, but I read it to the end and found it amusing.