Living the good life with less money: Books

I love reading. When I was young my parents heavily subsidized my book purchases. So I formed a habit of buying a lot of books.

When I became a programmer, this started to become more and more costly. Every few days the postman delivered my books.

When I started to budget and tried to invest money I noticed that I spent between 100-200 Euros on books every month.

This means 18.000 Euros over ten years. Quite a big sum.

I managed to get my book related expenses down to 20 Euros per month with these tricks. Spoiler: They are obvious - but only in hindsight.

The library

Most of my non technical books I get from our local library now. It has a quite an amazing assortment of great books. And: Every time I ask for them to buy a new one they buy it for me.

I enjoy being there. It gives me a sense of community to share all these books with many people.

Used books and selling books

For books that the library doesnt have, I buy used book over Amazon Marketplace. And after I read them, I sell them.

This makes, even expensive, books very affordable.

My employer

For work related books, my employer is happy to order them for me. And I can give these books to my colleagues and have them at hand in our companies library.

Saving is not about sacrifice

So you see: I still love books. I read as many as before. I enjoy walks to the library - and all the book-loving people there.

I do not have shelf after shelf full of books at home - but thats fine with me.

I save a ton of money - and still enjoy reading.

These are the kinds of things, you have to watch out for - where you waste money, without improving your life.