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How I fix persistent typos

Sometimes I feel really stupid. I have repeat the same typos over and over and over again.

Take "tapas" for example — I type "tappas" instead. Consistently.

So here's my fix for these kind of situations:

I add a TextExpander snippet that replaces my typo with the proper spelling.

I am not certain if this is the best way of doing it — but this is the first solution that works for me..

You are your own master

During the last years I realized that I play victim all the time. So I try to actively avoid this.

Let me explain what I mean by that. Every morning I walk to our local train station. Often the train will not arrive on time.

In the past I was angry and unrelaxed, waiting for the train on the same spot. I also complained to my colleagues about the stupidity of the train system.

Here is the problem: getting angry will change nothing. The train will still come late.

Here's what I do now, if the train comes late or if I missed it.

I use the time to walk. It's much better and I am not pissed that much. I am doing something meaningful and am not letting someone else waste my time.

Let me phrase it differently: I am not wasting my time.

If you look at all the instances, where someone else makes you miserable, there's a good chance that you make yourself miserable.

You are the master of your own life. If you choose to.

If you realize this simple fact, you can turn almost any situation. Do not excuse yourself by pointing to other people.

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