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Productivity: Mute tweets without urls in Tweetbot

TweetBot mute filter

I spent far to much time on Twitter lately. Time wasted that should be
used for building stuff. On the other hand I do not
want to complettely abandon Twitter, because it's a great source of
new links for me.

So I decided to filter out all Tweets without URL's.

I remembered that it was possible using negative lookahead - but frankly
I never used it. I found the answer on stackoverflow.

Just add the following filter and you are set:


Feels much better - and I can follow more great people 😉


  1. This is very helpful - thanks for posting. Here are some other useful ones I stumbled across:

    Any ideas on applying filters to a specific user, rather than your whole timeline?

  2. Robert Curth

    July 8, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    Hi - unfortunately no. You can only mute the whole user.

    Unless of course you write some kind of proxy that filters your twitter Traffic. Unfortunately that task is not too simple:

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