Hi. My name is Robert Curth. I am 29 years old and live in Munich (Germany).


I am a programmer at Gutefrage.net. I program in Ruby (on Rails) these days on helpster.de and pointoo.de.

Since we take care of our own infrastructure, I also know a little bit about Chef and server configuration.

Cultural hacker

I boost our company culture by organizing events and bringing people together.

I also established some regular events at Gutefrage like the OpenHack Munich, our IT drinkup, a group where we polish our presentation skills, a company wide lunch and some more 😉

Great company cultures exist, because people just start living them. I try to do this.


I travel a lot. I visited ~33 countries during my lifetime. Most of them in the last 3 years.

I think that traveling, made me a better person.

This is me eating ice, while watching onto the Antarctica peninsula. To understand my facial expression, you should know that I am on a low carb diet and was kind of surprised 😉


After work I try to invest into my skills and mind. That means: I exercise, meditate and do all other kinds of crazy stuff.

I try to be systematic about it — you can follow my progress on Lift.

Places you can find me